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» » President Of The Republic Of Indonesia Joko Widodo Receives South Korean Investments in Indonesia Creative Economic Sector

Signing of an agreement between Indonesia and South Korea
Seoul, Larast Post - President Joko Widodo was present at the 2018 Indonesia – South Korea Business and Investment Forum held at the Lotte Hotel, Seoul, on Monday (10/09). During the meeting several matters were discussed, especially regarding cooperation in manufacturing and industry.

Starting his remarks, the President said that Indonesia and South Korea are "Old Friends" where many Korean companies have been in business for decades in Indonesia. According to him, the Korean shoe and garment factory employs more than 900,000 Indonesian workers. Korean companies are also large investors in basic industrial sectors such as the steel and chemical sectors in Indonesia.

"Overall, you have all made South Korea the third largest international investor in Indonesia," said the President.

At the Chosun Ilbo South Korea - Indonesia Business Summit in Jakarta, in March last year, President Joko Widodo noted that in the era of social media consumers today prefer experience, adventure, creating memory, and sharing. According to the President, this means that the economy will also shift towards services, such as the financial sector, real estate, tourism and lifestyle, and the creative industry.

"Therefore, last year I invited you to take the next step by investing in the tourism sector and lifestyle and creative industries in Indonesia," said the President Joko Widodo.

Since then, the President said a number of Korean entertainment and media companies have entered the Indonesian market for the past year and have significantly increased their investment. The President cited the number one film in Indonesia in 2017 produced by Korean film companies. A number of tourism development agreements with South Korean companies are also called the President under discussion.

"I want to take advantage of this opportunity to say thank you for the fulfillment of my invitation," he said.

In the Chosun Ilbo conference the President also noted that currently the world has entered the industrial revolution era 4.0. The President believes that the industrial revolution 4.0 will not forever be specific to rich countries.

"I estimate, many developing countries will adopt 4.0 industry in a short time," he said.

According to the Head of State, the industrial revolution 4.0 over the next 12 years will not be much different from the revolution of smart phones in the last 12 years. The smart phone revolution that began in the United States at the launch of the iPhone eleven years ago, is rapidly spreading from rich countries to developing countries.

"In fact, South Korean companies such as Samsung and LG have an important role in developing the sector to developing countries, including Indonesia. I invite the South Korean business sector to do it again, bringing the latest technological developments to Indonesia, this time 4.0 technology," said Head of state.

On this occasion, the President also delivered one of the government programs "Making Indonesia 4.0" which was officially launched last April 4, 2018. Through this program, President Joko Widodo said Indonesian would move quickly in embracing the technology of industrial revolution 4.0.

Welcoming the New History of Two Korean Relations

At the end of his speech, the President welcomed the new history of bilateral relations between the two Koreas. From the end of last year to this year, the President said he had witnessed a number of breakthroughs in relations between North Korea and South Korea.

During the Winter Olympics in Pyeong-Chang, athletes from both countries competed as acontingent under one flag. Likewise when the 2018 Asian Games were held a few weeks ago, in which two Koreas defied under one flag.

"We are very pleased with the presence of His Excellency the Prime Minister of South Korea and the Honorable Deputy Prime Minister of North Korea in Jakarta during the opening ceremony. And the presence of K-Pop bands during the ceremony. (Her / 11-09-2018)

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