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Reviewing the Rawamangun Market, President Jokowi: Prices of Eggs and Meat Tend to be Steady

President Jokowi when checking the price of eggs with traders at the Rawa Mangun Market, Wednesday (5/4/2023).

Jakarta, Laras Post
- Apart from checking food commodity prices at Johar Baru Market, Central Jakarta, President Joko Widodo also reviewed activities at Rawamangun Market, East Jakarta, Wednesday (5/4/2023).

Arriving at the location at around 08.45 WIB, President Jokowi immediately checked the prices of a number of basic necessities.

The price of the first food item to be checked by the President is eggs. Yudi, an egg trader who had interacted with President Jokowi, said that the price of eggs is currently declining.

“(The President) just asked the price of eggs. The price of eggs fell between 28 (thousand) to 29 (thousand). So it's down to around 2,000," he said.

Yudi also hopes that food prices can remain stable so that trading activities at Rawamangun Market can return to normal.

"Right now those who go to the market are much less, so it's down to between 40-50 percent before the pandemic. Now and before the pandemic until now, it's just going down, so the traders are still holding on, it's still good, "continued Yudi.

Apart from eggs, President Jokowi also checked the price of meat on the market. According to the butcher, Andi, the current price of meat tends to be normal.

Andi admits that he is grateful that sales of meat at his stall have increased during the month of Ramadan. "Yes, quite a bit, there is an increase, yes, the usual term is 2 kg, 3 kg, thank God," said Andi.

He hopes that meat prices can remain stable and not experience high increases, so that meat can be affordable by the public.

"Our hope is that the price of meat will not be too high, so that the common people can afford it, buy it," he added.

Also accompanying the President in the review were the Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan, the Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta Heru Budi Hartono, and the Mayor of East Jakarta M. Anwar. (her, sg)

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